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24,000 devices from over 1,300 brands run on Android

Android was first introduced back in 2007. This was the first ever free and open-source operating system for mobile computing.

With Android, manufacturers don’t have to make any OS of their own. In a blogpost Google has posted some of the major achievements the company has made with Android. They now have millions of devices running Android all over the world. European developers are helping users to get more and more apps.

Here the company also talked about the open nature of Android. Thr company says that with the flexibility of Android, it is more vulnerable to fragmentation like unix amd Symbian OS.  In order to fight with this, thr company is working on different manufacturers for making a minimum set of compatibility features that can’t be changed.

The company talks about that manufacturers aren’t bound to preload their smartphones with Google apps. Its manufacturers’ own choice if it wants or not. Amdroid gets you easy access to your apps and you can easily set a widget for different apps.

Final thoughts conclude, ” Android has unleashed a new generation of innovation and inter-platform competition. By any measure, it is the most open, flexible and differentiated of the mobile computing platforms.”

Shivam Singh
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