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Alphabet surpasses Apple to become most valuable company of the world


We have seen since many years that Apple was the most valuable company of the world. But now the trend seems to be changing. Not always, Apple was the most valuable company but previous few years had been great for Apple. Yesterday Alphabet just released the Q4 2015 earnings & it changed everything. The company made a profit of $4.9 billion which bumped from $4.7 billion a year ago. So if we take a look at the net worth of both the companies, Alphabet has moved up. The net worth of Alphabet is $568 billion whereas Apple has a value of $535 billion. The Year-over-Year revenue has also been increased for Alphabet which was 12% last year , is now 24%. The major revenue  of Alphabet comes from search & clicks on Google ads which has been increased to 31% overall.

It looks like Google continues to execute on mobile (advertising),” said Neil Doshi, Managing Director of research at Mizuho Securities. “Two or three years ago mobile was a big head wind for Google. There were concerns that it [had] a negative impact on its desktop business, but as mobile takes over for more searches, mobile ads are becoming closer in value to the desktop ads

Just yesterday, the company also announced 1 billion active monthly Gmail users. The UK revenue was also very good for the company which rose 16% to $1.92 billion in the fourth quarter of 2015. Google has already introduced ads in the Google Play Store with which, the company will see more increase in revenues.




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