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Android N’s new Quick setting and Notification shade leaked

Today Android N‘s Notification shade and quick settings screenshots have been leaked once again. These screenshot may or may not be the real deal but it gives us an idea about how redesigned quick setting and notification shade look like. This is an early look, still Android N in development so in future we can see more Improvement on notification shade and quick setting as well.

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As we see  in images, there are two images here, first one is Android Lollipop version screenshot which is currently have notification shade  on our smartphones, and second one is upcoming Version Android N’s screenshot. As we compare these two images there are changes in animation, Android N animation looms so smooth compare to current version. Second different is in current version you need to expand or long press to see more information of notification but in new Android N UI you can easily see full information and more color and Text enchantments as well.



This screenshot is all about quick settings whiçh will have on future Android N version. you will get a smooth sliding animation as the compressed bar of toggles move down to the full QS. Quick settings will have full width size as well.

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