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Freedom 251: Delivery, Warranty, Scam or not & other queries answered

Yesterday Indian smartphone manufacturer or we will call it a new born company launched world’s cheapest smartphone for a price of Rs. 251($3.7)  only. For this price, we are getting many features in this phone. You can get many things for this price like a medium or small size pizza, a mug full of coffee from CCD or some other small meal options. For this price you can get Micro SD card of 8GB . But yes this is true , the company is providing us the whole smartphone for just Rs. 251.

Today we reported about some queries & doubts about what were the major controversies & how people reacted when they cam to know some truths about the phone & response from the servers of . Here are some basic queries from customers on our webpage ,

Is the smartphone worth buying at Rs 251?

Well it’s upto you if you really want to buy or want to wait for few real phones to get shipped. While it is clear that company itself has admitted that the phone costs Rs. 2500 but they have done some exercise to make the cost down. Currently, the market is flooded with smartphones. Any smartphone with this specs will cost you around Rs.4000-5000 in the current market scenario.

Who is subsidizing the price?

So every user will want to know that how a phone which costs Rs. 2500 is being sold for just Rs. 251? It is a basic question that will come in everyone’s mind. The company said that they have done some new kind of ‘Price Innovation’ which brought the price too down. Some practices like “raft of measures like economies of scale, innovative marketing, reduction in duties and creating an e-commerce marketplace

How even the company will make profit from this?

A company which is selling a phone that costs Rs. 2500 for just Rs. 252, how will it make a profit on that device. The president of Ringing Bells Mr. Ashok Chaddha said they just want to match the production price initially & later they will talk about profit with mass production & volume.

At the launch even he said about the pricing,”By making in India, this price goes down by Rs 400. Then we will sell online only. So, this pulls down the price by Rs 400 further. We are sure that this smartphone will be in a lot of demand. We are assuming to save around Rs 500 from this economy of scale. At last, we wait for our platform to grow, so, that we can make money from other services

Who is subsidizing the price?

It was  already confirmed form the company that government or any government body was not involved in the ambitious project of Rs. 251 phone. We have already reported that Defense Minister Mr.Manohar Parriker & Mr. Murli Manohar Joshi were invited at the launch event.  Government officials also said that there were no carrier or operator subsidy for this phone, “Further, there is no visible mobile operator subsidy involved in this, which in any case is not the way the Indian mobile market operates”

How to get Freedom 251 in your hands?

How to book this device is also a million dollar question.We saw huge traffic on our website due to the ‘How to buy Freedom 251’ article. Our inboxes were fulled with messages related to how to buy a Freedom 251 phone in India.

As we have already reported that the company saw huge response from buyers & due to overload in servers, they have closed the registration process for now. The company has promised that they will be back within 24 hours.

Delivery of the phone:

If you have successfully booked your phone the you will be wondering about the delivery of the phone. The company has promised that they will deliver the devices by 30th June 2016.Many people were not able to book the phone but some of them were able to. Users reported that when they fill the booking form & proceed for payment, the page brings back them to the booking page once again.

After sales support/Warranty?

Before taking any product, we want to check about the warranty of that as well as some other after sales service support. We have seen many brands entering in Indian market & soon exiting because of week service support & that caused to less sale of their product. The company has promised that the phone will be having 1 year warranty for the device & 6 months for battery & charger. The earphone coming inside it will be having 3 month warranty from the date of purchase.

What are the in-box contents?

As we have already reported about some hands on review of the Freedom 251 device. That hands on does not include what’s inside the packaging or inside the box.

When you open the box of the Freedom 251, it’s very basic with tri-color themed, you will get the device with charger & battery . Along with charger & battery you’ll also find a pair of earphones also bundled with the phone.

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