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HTC in 3-year Nexus phone deal with Google, claims report

There have been so many rumours and reports over the past year about Nexus program. In the past, some rumours even suggested that Google will shut down the Nexus program. Now, this time fresh round of rumors suggest HTC will make two Nexus phone this year. If we believe reports, HTC has singed long term deal on Nexus where HTC will Build Google’s Nexus Phones for The next 3 Years.


In the report, there has been no mention of Nexus Tablets. Google has no plan to make Nexus tablet. Over the year, HTC has made Nexus tablet but not got as much success as they wanted. HTC made Nexus phones have been appreciated for their build quality and design. Though HTC may not be the only Nexus manufacturer and we may still see Nexus devices from likes of Huawei and Lenovo.

So what do you think about HTC’s three years deal? Is it possible? Comments below.

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