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Jolla rolles out Sailfish OS 2.1.0 Iijoki update

Jolla, the Sailfish OS maker has rolled out the new Sailfish OS update.

The latest Sailfish OS update comes as Sailfish OS 2.1.0 Iijoki . It brings some changes to camera, display, Bluetooth and some UI changes as well.



  • Bluez5 (5.43) is included in this update but not yet enabled (so Bluez4 is still in use). It is however possible to turn Bluez5 on in the developer mode for development purposes. The benefits that Bluez5 brings in the future:
    – better API support for a range of profiles
    – support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
    – newer profile features
    – OBEX integration
    – proper support for custom profiles.
  • It possible to install Bluez5 libraries to Jolla C and Intex Aqua Fish devices in developer mode with command zypper in bluez5 (Jolla1 and Jolla Tablet not supported).
  • Bluetooth UI system dialogues and windows redesigned to make it consistent with Sailfish OS style.


  • Basic text selection (copy-paste) from web pages added. Currently selection of other editable content is not supported.
  • Smart phone number text selection. User can initiate call from browser when text selection is a phone number.


  • Focus handling and options simplified. Instead of the selectable modes Spot, Auto and Infinity, the camera now always defaults to Auto. Tapping the screen forces the Spot mode from which it returns after 10 seconds of no actions. There is no Infinity any more.
  • Exposure menu kept visible when selecting a value. Previously when selecting a value the menu was dismissed; now click outside is needed for dismiss.
  • Focus icon removed from the front camera.
  • Redesigned shutter animation that considerably speeds up the shooting experience.


  • Touch events are now filtered with Kalman filter to eliminate occasional jitter.

Events view

  • Application update notifications are now user removable. OS notifications are still persistent until OS update installed.


  • Facebook Notifications removed from Sailfish OS before the Graph API 2.4 deprecation date on 2017-03-27. This also removes the Facebook microblog service (which syncs the notifications). This change is unfortunate. It is caused by the service provider who wants to reduce the services available through the public interface which Sailfish OS relies on. The
  • Android Facebook app should still serve you fairly well on Sailfish OS.

Home view

  • Some missing Android notifications were given the priority status: TextSecure, Threema, Conversations, and K9-Mail. This makes them appear on the lock screen. They also unblank the display when the notification banner is shown.

Input and Keyboard

  • Keyboard layout for Bulgarian language added.
  • Keyboard layout for Gujarati language added.


  • Gujarati system language added.
    Umpush font included for Thai.
  • Special thanks for translating Bengali goes to Biraj Karmakar (professional translator, who volunteers to support FOSS and independent projects), Kelvin Kuniyanthodath and the whole for Malayalam, Sai Karthik Karra for Telugu, Varad Dingankar for Marathi, and to the most resourceful community member Raju Nirmala Devidas from India, who introduced all these people to Sailfish OS.

Logging and debugging

  • Display wakeup reason logged to journal now. This should help finding some hidden issues.
  • Middleware
    Qt 5.6 framework taken into use.
  • Annotation support for PDF documents added. Proper icons for PDF annotation toolbar created.
  • It is now possible to move back after tapping an internal PDF link – back button added.


  • VPN support for OpenVPN and OpenConnect included. Further options and protocols will be added in upcoming releases. This is a beta level implementation targeted for very experienced VPN users with intent to collect feedback. The current implementation is not considered fully stable. No support exists yet for common protocols like PPTP and L2TP/IPSec.
    Easy configuration of OpenVPN by importing .ovpn file.
  • Currently there is a single VPN connection which is automatically reconnected (the most recently activated connection).


  • Name “Platform SDK” taken into use, replacing “Mer SDK”.
  • We’re rolling out the first version of QML live coding support. Feedback is highly appreciated (bugs, issues in developer experience, etc).
  • Applications’ internal QML module naming rules relaxed. Harbour allows application internal QML imports without the “harbour” prefix.
  • Backup now gives more helpful error messages, for example when there is not enough space to make the backup.
    About device page has “Sailfish OS 2.1” now.


  • Setting for increasing Sailfish OS font sizes added. Options: Normal, Large, Huge.
    Button group layouts aligned across the OS.
  • Combobox description label layouts aligned across the OS.
  • Fingerprint UI polished.
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