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Pocket for Android gets new features with latest update



Pocket for android gets updated with new recommendations features. According to the blog here are new features and changes:

Follow Interesting People to See What They’re Recommending:
The next time you open Pocket, quickly set up your new Recommended feed. Find who else you know already recommending on Pocket by connecting your address book, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. We’ll also help you out by suggesting a few people we think are making great recommendations. If you want to explore a bit, tap any person’s photo to view their profile and see what they’ve recommended.
Once you’ve followed someone, you’ll begin seeing their recommendations in your Recommended feed. Unlike traditional newsfeeds, your Recommended feed isn’t ordered chronologically, so you won’t see every possible recommendation surfaced by the people you follow. This is by design. Instead, your Recommended feed is ordered and personalized to you, so it only shows you the recommendations you’ll be interested in, based on what you save, read, and watch in Pocket.
Recommend the Best of Your Pocket!
You can now recommend the most interesting things you’re reading and watching in Pocket with others.
Whether it’s entertaining, thought-provoking, hysterical, insightful, or simply relevant, the next time you’re viewing an article or video you think is noteworthy, simply tap the Recommend button to share it with your followers.
You can even highlight an excerpt and include that in your share, with a comment or thought for extra context.
Looking for inspiration? Open up your Favorites and see if you have anything from the past worth recommending!
Share Your Recommendations with Others:
Finally, anything you recommend in Pocket will appear on your profile, making it easy for others to follow you and see what you think is worth reading and watching.
You can find your profile here:
Once you’ve recommended something, share your profile link with others so they can follow the great things you’re recommending. Don’t forget to give it a bit of personality by adding a bio and profile photo!

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