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Samsung brings internet 4.0 & cross app features with Android 6.0 update


Today Samsung revealed Internet 4.0 for Galaxy devices. We all know Android 6.0 is being rolled out by all OEMs with fast pace now, but OEM need to add some security and other features for its smartphones as well. So  Samsung released cross app features as well. Samsung Internet 4.0 gives us better privacy and security from the native Samsung browser than ever, and Cross App lets people access their most useful apps as well.


Samsung also included secret mode  which protects user’s privacy. If you use secret mode, you can freely use Internet, without worrying of browsing history, data ,cache, auto fill, passwords as well.

Samsung also brings out secure web login which is gives us safety to use Internet. Secure web  logging use fingerprint authentication as well.


With help of new cross app platform you can access to operate certain apps from within other apps. For an example , if you are using messaging app then with the help of cross api you can take pictures from camera app from messaging app as well.

According to the Samsung: 

Users can also open a URL from inside the chat program using the in-app browser, and use the web at full speed, without slowing down. Even while the page is loading, a flick of the screen can minimize the website, so users can continue chatting.

Samsung also adds Device Functionality with Marshmallow update.

So what do you think about Samsung internet 4.0? Comments below.

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