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Samsung to spend 100 cr on Galaxy S7 promotions in India

The rivalry between Apple and Samsung in India and elsewhere is old news, but now Samsung is planning to spend 100 cr in India to counter the Apple’s marketing and for promotion of New Samsung Galaxy S7 which will be launched next week.

To take on Samsung, Apple is also ready to spend 30 to 40 cr on marketing. Also it has plans to reduce prices of some models as well.

An Apple executive said:

“This is the first time Apple is reacting to a flagship launch from Samsung in India, signifying how important the Indian market is emerging for both the smartphone giants,” said one executive. “While Samsung is tightening the trade, Apple has told us to expect something big.”

According to the induaianalysts, this time Samsung Galaxy S7& Edge S7 prices are more cheaper than 50,000 plus. New S7 price will be 45,000 to compete iPhone 6s.

According to the senior partner of Samsung:

“Samsung’s recent launches such as Galaxy A5 and A7 had gained a lot of share, which has already irked Apple. Apple has now informed the traders that it will offer additional consumer and trade promotion on its entire line up and may also cut prices,”

So what do you think about Samsung’s new strategy? Comments below.

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