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Screenshots of Android N leaked on Google+

We all know that Google releases a new version of Android each year in September-October time-frame. Last year, the company released Android Marshmallow iterated by word ‘M’ . Now in 2016, they will be releasing something based on the word ‘N’ as per Google’s policy of naming Android versions.

Now we have some leaked screenshots of upcoming version of Android  ‘N’. These images were published by Artem Russakovskii on his Google Plus account & also gave us the original link to the screenshots which takes us to the Android developers blog. The new screenshots show some changes in the upcoming Android version i.e. Android N.

  1. Hamburger Menu is back in the Settings app: We have already seen Hamburger menu in previous versions of Google & Android. Sometimes it was very helpful but later the company removed it from some places where it wasn’t required. Now in the upcoming version, the company is bringing Hamburger menu in the settings app also.


2. Some changed & new UI in the Map app: Google Maps is one of the most used apps in Android as well as in the Google Play Store. It is quite accurate in terms of information it provides. But take a look at the below image, there are some UI changes from the current version of Google Maps app. Google has also changed it to look more like the material design. Information & details are now available on the bottom.


3. Custom Tabs: Custo tabs help us keep track of all the web content. In Android N, the company is expected to bring it .With this we’ll now be able to add actions to a bottom bar for display alongside the web content.


4. Leanback for Android TV: It is very helpful tool for those interested in bringing their Apps to Android TV. this tool will help them optimize their apps & contents for the Android TV. The most noticeable changes include actions button as well as keyboard layout.


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