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WordPress 4.4 update is now available with new features and improvements


WordPress is one the most popular hosting platform and it is the easiest way to create a free website or blog. Today WordPress released a new update, bring the platform version to 4.4 and adding new features and improvements. However the company has already started working on next update to the platform and it keeps providing premium features at low prices.

What’s New:


  • Developer reference – Improvements to inline code documentation.
  • i18n support – Improvements to translation strings all over the core.
  • Admin page headings were adjusted from H3 to H2 tags to reinforce page hierarchy
  • Improvements to how list tables are displayed on all size screens


  • The post/page permalink UI was simplified, linking the permalink and removing the “View” button



  • The “View Comment” link was relocated from the Status meta box in the comment-editing screen
  • Many comment functions can now accept a full object instead of ‘comment_ID’ to reduce cache/db lookups
  • Orphaned comments now fall back to the ‘edit_posts’ capability


  • Site icons will now fall back to the ‘full’ size URL when the ‘thumbnail’ size doesn’t exist


Install Process


  • The language chooser was added to the new site form on wp-signup.php
  • Sites may no longer be created with the following reserved slugs: wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes, or wp-json


Under The Hood


  • Unclosed HTML elements in shortcode attributes were disallowed
  • HTML was removed from all translatable text strings
  • Rewrite rules are now flushed on theme switch
  • Most core classes were moved to their own files


  • Add oEmbed support for Cloudup.
  • Add oEmbed support for Reddit Comments.
  • Add oEmbed support for ReverbNation.
  • Add oEmbed support for Speaker Deck.
  • Add oEmbed support for VideoPress.
  • Remove oEmbed support for Blip.


  • Customizer: Ensure persistence of unchanged active state for controls, sections, and panels
  • Customizer: Fixed logic for determining the container element when focusing on a panel, section, or control
  • Customizer: Fixed clearing of a color control’s setting by using proper empty value

Bug Fixes

  • Fail gracefully when checking mapped capabilities against unregistered post types
  • Visibility was restored for the Tags auto-suggest tooltip in Quick Edit
  • The $public_only parameter was added to count_user_posts()
  • Cron: Events are now rejected when the provided $timestamp value is not a valid timestamp
  • Users with no role are now redirected to the home page on login instead of their profile-editing screen


  • A network can now be retrieved by its ID through WP_Network::get_instance()

  • A network can now be created or completed by passing arguments to WP_Network

  • Network-level capabilities were clarified and some long-time bugs were fixed


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